Escola Senzala de Capoeira


The group Senzala began in 1963 in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro with a group of young men with the drive to learn the art of  Capoeira. Today some of these young men are the masters of the older group and are responsible for the name that today our group has in the world of Capoeria and the arts.

The importance that the Group Senzala has today is due to the development of a teaching methodology and a pedagogy that has spread throughout Brazil first and then to the rest of world. And which is happening in the present with the solidification of education in Europe that began 25 years Ago (?).

Our main features are the evolution of this teaching method and teaching democracy in it guidance to make progress as a social group that has the art of capoeira as an energy hub and main reference.

We are a group of teachers who strive for the new and are open to creativity, to adapt to the growing awareness of the values, technical development, social and spiritual that our beloved art of capoeira is proposing in our daily living and infinite. …. axé.


Mestre Samara

samaraMestre Samara started practicing capoeira at the Senzala school in Rio de Janeiro.

He has been taught by Mestre Garrincha.

He has studied for sports instructor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he graduated in 1983.

In 1984 he went to Europe and taught capoeira to adults and children in Paris until late 1986.
In January 1987 he founded the Senzala Capoeira School Holland which is his main work untill today

Samara was one of the first to teach Capoeira in Europe, this is now already 25 years ago!
Beside giving many capoeira lessons to children and adults, he also organises and participates in many performances and workshops all over the world.

Together with Mester Marreta he organises the ‘Easter Capoeira Meeting’ in Amsterdam. This is the largest and one of the most important Capoeira events to help develop Capoeira in Europe throughout the years

His two Capoeira albums, “Capoeira Samara” and “Cantigas de roda”, are a relevant contribution to the Capoeira Music.

His pedagogic skills are highly appreciated by the students
and fellow Capoeira teachers.

“In Capoeira, everyone should develop their personal skills and style to find their own way of expression in the fighting play of Capoeira and its Music”

~Mestre Samara ~

Instructor Carranca.

Carranca Pic 1

My name is Carranca in Capoeira tongue, but my real name is David Ikezue. Originally I come from Nigeria but I grew up in London. The last 14 years of my life have been living and working in Holland. In this time I have practiced Muay Thai kick boxing, but somewhere along this line I found and fell in love with Capoeira.

I have been practicing Capoeira now for 11 year, with the Escola Senzala in Amsterdam under Mestre Claudio Samara. In the last 7 years I have assisted in his workshops throughout the Netherlands.

The Senzala school of Capoeira in Amsterdam has been working with kids since its beginning over 2 decades ago and currently has strong relationship with the A.I.C.S Amsterdam International Community School.

At this point I am currently teaching the Senzala adult group in Leiden, i am working on various school projects in Leiden and Amsterdam, and i have a kids group in Den Haag and regularly i give the advanced kids class in Amsterdam on fridays.


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