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When asked what Capoeira is, people nowadays would say its a dance/fight. A dance fight where we do not hit each other.

The truth is that Capoeira is what ever you want it to be. Capoeira is freedom of movement, freedom of expression. It is music, dance, theater, and of course fight. Capoeira  was born out of a struggle of African slaves against their oppressors. The spirit of Capoeira is that of FREEDOM..

In Capoeira there is a little bit of everything for everyone, it all depends on what you are looking for. There is no way to describe Capoeira as everyone will experience it differently, so you simply have to try…..

So we welcome you to come and try a class, the first class is free…

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For Information Contact Instructor Carranca – carranca.capoeira@hotmail,com

Telephone – 0655137146

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